Toes I've Sucked

I've had the good fortune to enjoy a number of fine ladies' attractive peds. Here's a sampling of a few who were kind enough to indulge me.

Anonymous asked: do you have anymore pictures of that ex with the long toes? :)

Pretty sure I’ve posted just about everything I had left on here. If I come across any more, I’ll be sure to add them, though.

360turns asked: Another Question, please. Most girls are VERY into it. Most are into it from the start. Have all of these girls that are Very into it from the start gotten wet, highly aroused where they are concentrating on the feelings instead of whats around them?

I recall one time I met this cute little Spanish chick online and she was very interested in getting her toes sucked. I showed up and she was already a little buzzed, wearing some old Chucks without socks. I started massaging her feet and sucking her toes. Not five minutes into this she is clearly turned on, and I’m going to town with her in missionary and those feet in my face. Well, figuring she wanted more I spread her legs and continued my feast elsewhere. We ended up fucking and she was amazing. Tight little body. Man, I want a repeat with her…

360turns asked: Wow, that's amazing. 30 minutes massage and then an hour sucking!!! I was assuming just a 5 or 10 minutes tops. Is there a basic map or pattern you perform? I remember you explaining the sensitivity on average is from Big toe to Small toe. Also, you mention, "VERY". Whats your average time a girl gets to be, "VERY" into it?

There’s no real pattern I follow. Again, there are many variables like setting, how much time we have, etc. so I have to change things up sometimes. Most girls who get “VERY” into it are into it right from the start, usually. My current gf isn’t a huge fan of getting her toes sucked when we’re laying around, but during sex she loves it.

360turns asked: Thanks for answering my question. Your experiences help others with greater understanding. Whats the typical or average time you spend per foot? Also, they say, the big toe is suppose to capable of bring a person to orgasm. Any thoughts?

I’ve had girls get VERY into me doing my thing, but so far no one has outright had an orgasm from it. The length of time I spend per foot depends on many variables, such as how much time I have, how receptive the girl is, etc. One of my favorites was this blonde nursing student who would invite me over to “watch a movie”, which was always code for “let’s get stoned, massage my feet for thirty minutes, then suck my feet for at least an hour”. Man, do I miss those days.

360turns asked: Do you have an average technique to sucking on toes? What toe do you like to start with? What toe are the most sensitive to suck on?

I like the girl on her stomach, that way the foot is angled better for sucking. I just kind of start off sucking each one at a time, then I move on to sucking all toes at once. I love to deep throat feet. The toes seem to get more sensitive as they get smaller, on most girls at least. But once I get going girls get relaxed quickly.

Anonymous asked: have you ever had an experience with sleeping feet? if so were they smelly?

I’m beginning to think all these anon messages are the same person… not that I mind answering.

I’ve had a bit of fun with some sleeping feet in my time; none all that smelly. One had REALLY filthy feet, though. That was fun.

Anonymous asked: your first footjob and foot fetish experience?

First footjob? Geez, I can’t even recall. Probably one of my exes a long time ago. First experience was with a girl in 6th grade who let me suck her toes. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Anonymous asked: what other pairs of shoes that you recall did your ex have that made her feet stinky? can you make a list starting from strongest to weakest?

She only wore Chucks, slipon Vans and running shoes. The Chucks were probably the worst but it didn’t matter what shoes she wore because her feet always smelled.

Anonymous asked: How do you get these girls to let you suck their toes?

I’ve answered this before (check my archive), but basically you need to be confident and assured, don’t be creepy, and make it sound intriguing. Also, be attractive. That helps a lot.

Anonymous asked: your most embarrasing foot fetish moment?

Probably getting called out for having a foot fetish in front of some friends by a girl I’d just met who quickly discovered my fetish thanks to lots of drinking. It’s ok, though, because she had super cute feet and I got to smell them fresh out of her chucks w/o socks. She was a total moron, though.

Anonymous asked: I really enjoy smelling candid feet, like in public places when a girl dangles her feet out of her flats and im sitting right behind her and the smell suddenly hits me, have you had any experience like that? they are a HUGE turn on!

I haven’t had much of that, aside from one time in class when a girl took off her flats and I caught a quick whiff. It’s rare but it can happen.

Anonymous asked: have you ever had really smelly feet touch your dick?

Yes, my ex.