Toes I've Sucked

I've had the good fortune to enjoy a number of fine ladies' attractive peds. Here's a sampling of a few who were kind enough to indulge me.

Anonymous asked: your first footjob and foot fetish experience?

First footjob? Geez, I can’t even recall. Probably one of my exes a long time ago. First experience was with a girl in 6th grade who let me suck her toes. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Anonymous asked: what other pairs of shoes that you recall did your ex have that made her feet stinky? can you make a list starting from strongest to weakest?

She only wore Chucks, slipon Vans and running shoes. The Chucks were probably the worst but it didn’t matter what shoes she wore because her feet always smelled.

Anonymous asked: How do you get these girls to let you suck their toes?

I’ve answered this before (check my archive), but basically you need to be confident and assured, don’t be creepy, and make it sound intriguing. Also, be attractive. That helps a lot.

Anonymous asked: your most embarrasing foot fetish moment?

Probably getting called out for having a foot fetish in front of some friends by a girl I’d just met who quickly discovered my fetish thanks to lots of drinking. It’s ok, though, because she had super cute feet and I got to smell them fresh out of her chucks w/o socks. She was a total moron, though.

Anonymous asked: I really enjoy smelling candid feet, like in public places when a girl dangles her feet out of her flats and im sitting right behind her and the smell suddenly hits me, have you had any experience like that? they are a HUGE turn on!

I haven’t had much of that, aside from one time in class when a girl took off her flats and I caught a quick whiff. It’s rare but it can happen.

Anonymous asked: have you ever had really smelly feet touch your dick?

Yes, my ex.

Anonymous asked: wow! thats awsome dude! after those converse, which ones are on the list? did she have a popcorn, cheasy, or vinegary smell?

After those, probably my current gf after she wears her shitty flats all day. My ex had a VERY strong natural foot scent, not cheesy or vinegary, maybe a little like popcorn. I hate that vinegary smell. My current gf has a slight vinegar (but so mild I don’t mind it)/sweet smell. I love it.

Anonymous asked: have you ever spent a number of days without masturbating when you knew you were getting a footjob?

Not really. Most footjobs I get aren’t planned ahead of time. Plus, I’m not a huge fan of them since most girls aren’t very good at giving them. I’d rather suck their toes while getting a bj/hj.

Anonymous asked: smelliest feet you´ve encountered? what shoes was she wearing?

My ex, easily. She NEVER wore socks (not even to the gym) and her most potent pair were these decaying, beat-to-shit Converse hightops. The smell after she’d been in those all day was overwhelming. And I couldn’t get enough of it.

Anonymous asked: Do you mean you've just downloaded the photos off here then reported then because you've not had all these women

Ha. Are you serious? I’ve probably sucked the toes of 60 girls. This is a sampling of those kind enough to send or let me take pics. I’ve had every pair of feet posted on here in my mouth at least once. Also, I’m just a guy who felt like sharing on a site I rarely use and I don’t have shit to prove.