Toes I've Sucked

I've had the good fortune to enjoy a number of fine ladies' attractive peds. Here's a sampling of a few who were kind enough to indulge me.

smoovlyteskin asked: How do you convince these women to let you suck their toes? Im javing yhe hardest time trying to do the same thing.

I’ve answered this before, but basically: be smooth, don’t be a creeper. Let it come up naturally in the conversation; steer it there. Also, be attractive. This helps a lot.

Anonymous asked: Hey, listen, I'm a girl, and I don't find this whole foot thing weird at all. I don't know why some chicks get freaked out! Personally I think it's cute. Anyways, I was just wondering: how old are you?

That’s refreshing! I’m also a bit surprised a girl is checking out my page, since traditionally most girls don’t like feet. Anyway, I’m 32, but I don’t look it.

si4feet asked: Hey dude thanks for following, obviously still new to the Tumblr world, would love some form of shoutout or something along those lines, would be appreciated, could do with the publicity thanks, and keep it up, ur page is awesome

Thanks, man. Glad you dig it. I’ll just publish this answer publicly and hopefully enough followers of mine see it and decide to follow you, too. I would do a reblog, but as you’ve probably noticed I only post my own content due to the theme. But so far it looks like you’re off to a great start. Definitely looking forward to seeing more.

Anonymous asked: Thanks so much for the advice. I think you should do more on this topics :-) You are the first person ever to talk to me about it and I'm not only grateful but really interested in hearing more. I think what you're doing is very important because it helps people like me realize that maybe we aren't alone. Hopefully in time I'll be able to feel a little less ashamed of myself and maybe even be brave enough to bring it up. Anyway I would love to hear more of your thoughts on this topics :-)

Glad to hear it! Nobody should be ashamed of what they’re into… unless you’re into some seriously weird, fucked up shit. And it takes a lot for me to think something fulls under that category. If you ever have more questions, just ask. I never mind giving advice to fellow foot lovers.

Anonymous asked: I really appreciate you doing this blog because you make it seem okay to be attracted to feet. I have always felt ashamed and embarrassed by this compulsion and therefore I've only asked one lady to let me suck on her toes. She was sure to let me know that I as a jerk. Do you have any advice for how to approach a woman in the correct way and maybe how to not seem like a creep? After all it is our sexuality, right?

The absolute best approach is being up front, honest, and NOT a creep. So many foot guys don’t seem to get that last part. If you’re candid about having a fetish and act confident, ladies will pick up on that and, hopefully, become intrigued enough to let you indulge. Women get more understanding as they get older, so while a high school girl might act weirded out and criticize you for it, college-age is when their minds really seem to open up. Best advice: if you truly love feet, don’t ever, ever, EVER, settle with a girl who isn’t 100% cool with your fetish.

si4feet asked: Nice to see someone who is as successful in the foot fetish department as myself :) I'm new to tumblr, adding pics as of tomorrow hope you follow, keep up the good work, great blog dude

Thanks! Much appreciated. I’ll definitely follow your blog, hope to see some great shots.

Anonymous asked: How about a video of your toe sucking abilities? :)

Not a bad idea… I’ll have to take one soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

cunnicunni45-deactivated2014020 asked: How do you tell women you want to suck there toes?

Aside from my gf (cause I just do it when I want… and when she allows), it’s all about riding that fine line between totally pervy foot creep looking to mouth some digits, and smooth, casual guy who makes it sound intriguing.